Kate Woodward

Associate Consultant and Insights Discovery Practitioner

Owner/Director of GingerTonic

Kate is a highly experienced coach and facilitator. She was an early pioneer of Insights Discovery, having been on the receiving end of an Insights Discovery team event at British Airways in her early 20’s. After qualifying as a practitioner in 2003, she was instrumental in the growth of this transformational psychometric being adopted widely in many major blue chip organisations. 


Kate is a very powerful one to one coach. She sits at position 47 on the Insights wheel, and uses her ‘accommodating’ blend of yellow, green and red energy to deliver bespoke coaching programs which aim to give people the tools, the space, the challenge and the support to work through personal challenges and achieve their goals as efficiently and effectively as possible. She has a gift for being able to get to the heart of a situation very quickly, using her ability to help people feel comfortable in her presence and her extraordinary powers of intuition.

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Kate is qualified to use a wide range of psychometrics and personal development tools. She is particularly fond of using a combination of Insights Discovery, Motivational Maps, Strength Finder and the ‘Ikigai’ model to help clients gain clarity on their purpose and personal profile.  She also uses emotional freedom technique (tapping), and transformational coaching techniques to unlock and unblock limiting beliefs and thoughts that can hamper personal performance.


When she isn’t coaching, Kate can be found teaching yoga. She is a senior yoga teacher and runs a thriving yoga business from her home studio in Kingston, and virtually on zoom. Kate will often use a combination of yoga and coaching to help clients achieve their career, leadership, relationship or health goals. 

She is mum to three kids, a cat and a dog and loves nothing more than going for a long ‘circular’ walk with the dog and husband Paul. 


Sitting at wheel position 47, Kate is an extravert feeling type which means that she:


  • Is flexible and adaptable

  • Exudes warmth

  • Can use her highly tuned relationship skills to bring harmony to almost any situation

Check out Kate's website at: www.gingertonic.co.uk

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