Nicola Blackmore

Associate Consultant and Insights Discovery Practitioner

Owner/Director of Amblerock Training & Development


Nicola is an experienced and passionate Learning & Development professional, specialising in Management Development.  She has worked in the L&D field for almost twenty years with a variety of organisations and was an operational manager before that, enabling her to truly understand what it takes to be a great manager – and how tough it can be!  Her focus is helping managers to prepare for, transition into and excel in their management roles.  Enabling them to understand themselves, their roles and their impact on others.

Nicola is driven by making a difference to others, helping them to be the best they can be.  She is practical and realistic and works to make training concepts relevant and accessible to everyone.  She is a creative training designer, always looking for new and exciting ways to engage learners in training content in both the classroom and virtual learning environments.  She has a strong belief that the most effective learning is experiential, flexible, challenging, memorable and fun.  She uses a variety of tools and techniques to make this happen, including personality profiling tools like Insights Discovery and MBTI.  She is also a qualified coach and experienced mentor.

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Nicola currently sits at wheel position 55 on the Insights Discovery wheel and is happiest as MBTI type ISTJ, which means that she:


  • Is organised and meticulous in her attention to detail

  • Is a practical and realistic problem solver

  • Has a competitive streak and likes a challenge or target to beat

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