Naomi Armitage - Head of L&D

What did your business look and feel like before you worked with Blue Gnu?

We leaned on Elaine for Insights Discovery and her accreditation qualification there. We really wanted to be able to offer more by way of Insights Discovery and leadership/ personal discovery to our people. Elaine was our consultant who worked on that with us, but also worked on a plan for us to be able to accredit some of our own employees so that we could roll it out a bit further. So, I was part of that initial rollout and I was accredited to deliver insights through Elaine's coaching, expertise and support. We rolled out a programme internally and we still very much see her as the expert! She's come and done a lot of big events for us where we really need somebody with that extra bit of pzazz or the real in depth knowledge as opposed to the basics. Elaine is, is a Guru in that area!


Was there a reason that prompted you to begin working with Insights Discovery?

Elaine makes sure that she really does understand the client, the organisation and the deep-rooted culture – this helps her recognise the shifts and changes that need to be made. She just brings so much energy and enthusiasm and engages people that she works with

How does working with Elaine make you feel?

A few years ago Elaine did a train the facilitator with the L&D team and really gave us loads of confidence. She's so engaging, so encouraging, and really brings confidence in what you're doing and gives great feedback - both constructive and positive. She’s just got bags of energy, more energy than anyone I ever know and she brings it in the right way - very sensitively – it’s heart-warming.

What difference has it made for the business having Insights?

She makes it so easy, you can give a brief overview of the organisational or team issues and Elaine will do the factfinding and needs analysis of the learning session – she will tailor and deliver exactly what's required and always exceeds expectations!


What would you say to someone who has never worked with Elaine, but is thinking about it?

They won't regret it - she will add value! If it was something that she felt that she wasn't going to add value to, then she would be honest about that too. And she would add far more value to any work that she does with an organisation than would be expected. Anybody that she works with will always remember that session - it would stay with them. She’s very memorable!

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