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This team have completed a roll-out of a new IT/Technology system within the Nuffield Health Hospital in Bristol. The remit of the team has now expanded to roll-out the same system to multiple hospital sites nationally, presenting different challenges at each with multiple layers of complexity.

There is an opportunity for the team to capture the learning and operational successes of the project so far, and to understand each other’s working styles and stressors as the remit of the team widens and workload increases. The leadership team are so focused on ‘delivering’ and ‘doing’ that they haven’t spent much time together focusing on being a team and learning how to work together effectively.

I worked with the leadership of the team to identify what they wanted to achieve with a two-day residential workshop.  I engaged with the HR Manager and the L&D Team as well as connecting with all the attendees prior to the workshop to establish what they felt would be the best use of their time together. 

I created an agenda which enabled the team to get to spend some valuable time out together – using Insights Discovery as a common language to connect them.  The agenda included plenty of time for connecting with other team members through guided discussion, team problem solving exercises and time for team reflection on what they have personally done well during the project so far, what stories they want to hear told about themselves in the organisation and agreement about how to take some of their ideas for team cohesion forward and back into their day to day operations.


The Programme Manager Chris Mitchell left these comments after the two days spent together:.

“The team were all over the place/not really even sure why they were coming together at the start, but you managed to facilitate to a point where there was a real sense of openness and trust. The agenda was really well constructed, pacey, without being rushed, flexible to twists and turns required to get the team to the next stage.

The framework of Insights works really well, returning to this as the constant was much more effective than a series of unconnected models. Your delivery style is great, really clear and empathetic – I really get that you want us to be successful and get the most out of every section.  No visible ego!  Thank you.”

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