Presenting with Passion,

Poise and Purpose

It's a fine art, and we can all improve how we come across to others, both on-line and in-person

Our Powerful Presenter Workshop

This two-day workshop is usually run for clients at their premises, or a carefully chosen venue nearby.  I've delivered this workshop in lecture theatres and large auditoriums (even only for 10 attendees) as having a space as LARGE as the biggest place you will ever present, makes it far more of a real-life experience.  You do not want the first time you present to an audience of 200 to be the first time you've presented in a room that spacious!

In 2020 though, the challenge has become delivering your pitches powerfully online - the physical skills are the same but the media for delivery is so different - how do you come across as powerful and engaged via Zoom?  The good news is, like any skill - it is learnable - and you can do just that by working with us!

If you'd like to up your presentation skills game, please contact us to find out how we can help.

What do attendees say?

"Having attended Elaine’s 2 day presentation skills workshop I can’t thank her enough for all the skills and techniques I’ve learnt and how this has had a lasting impact on my confidence. I will never be someone who loves presenting but I now actually feel I have more confidence in a room and I’m not afraid to speak up! Thank you Elaine for believing in me, giving me confidence in myself and providing me with the tools to have a voice and flourish. I’ve managed to overcome so much personally and professionally. Thank you!"

Marketing Manager, Nuffield Health

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"Having recently completed Elaine's 2 day course in presentation skills I can find no words other than: Absolutely brilliant!

Elaine's pragmatic, encouraging and inclusive approach to this often over-looked yet vital corporate skill was informal, engaging and above all, life enhancing. Her mix of tools and techniques address the important aspects of presenting from speech and physical presence, to question handling and holding a room. Without a doubt even the most accomplished senior presenters will learn from the interactive and fun sessions. I have already utilised these skills and techniques in both formal and informal presentation situations. I cannot recommend the course enough, and have already suggested other stakeholders attend future sessions."

Senior Marketing Manager

"Elaine took a two day training session for myself and my colleagues in presentation skills and it has transformed my life more than I can articulate in one review. Not only have I come away from the course feeling enthused and empowered with new techniques but also with a sense of confidence which I didn’t even know I was lacking. A variation of teaching techniques over a two day period that fully pushes you out of your comfort zone sounds horrific but in reality was absolutely brilliant and something I would and shall recommend to everyone. Thank you Elaine, it was truly unforgettable."

Manager, Virgin Sport


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