As a successful pharmaceutical market access consultancy, PRMA experienced an intense period of growth during 2019, with many employees joining in a short space of time.  The legacy employees had previously benefitted from personal development and self-awareness training using Insights Discovery. Jayne Sykes, Business Operations Partner knew that continuing the investment as part of the HR & people development strategy would enable PRMA to truly live and breathe their values.  PRMA strongly believe in supporting personal development and that the unique and diverse contributions of all employees are essential to their success.

Early in 2020 the Blue Gnu facilitation team of Elaine Gosden and Will Jefferson ran an ‘Introduction to Insights Discovery’ for over 40 employees at the Aviator hotel in Farnborough, not far from PRMA’s Fleet office.  We introduced the team to the Insights Discovery model and enabled them to see the ‘so-what’ factor of having a profile – how can I actually use this back in the office or as I go about my day job?

Blue Gnu were then invited to attend the PRMA annual Global Conference, themed ‘Breaking Boundaries’ and held at the magnificent Myriad by Sana Hotel in Lisbon, Portugal in early March 2020.  Elaine Gosden, Will Jefferson and Vicki Curtis worked together to design and facilitate an immersive session to help reinforce the PRMA Values with a particular focus on ‘Collaboration’ – how bringing teams together quickly and successfully can really influence project performance and overall business success. We were very lucky to get to Lisbon and back safely before the Coronavirus outbreak really took hold and we all planned and took many precautions to ensure that we were as Covid secure as possible. 



The purpose of the Conference was to get staff together in one place from the various European and US offices, to build relationships and to bring everyone together to enhance the sense of ‘one team’. We also wanted to give PRMA employees the tools to use beyond the conference in leveraging the power of Insights Discovery in their project teams.

The Blue Gnu team were tasked with ‘up-levelling’ the Insights Discovery knowledge of the participants, lifting from the initial question of ‘Who am I and how do I prefer to work?’, to ‘How does my contribution affect the performance and effectiveness of the teams I am part of?’  We were delighted to facilitate table-top sessions around Team Effectiveness using Insights Discovery and enable some truly transformative discussions around team and project performance and collaboration.  It was an absolute joy to join the entire PRMA team for their evening activity and dinner; beginning with a treasure hunt around Lisbon city centre just as dusk was falling.


Since the conference in March we have been in discussion about how to fully leverage the potential of the Insights Discovery profiles – with a particular focus on PRMAs wellbeing initiatives in supporting team members with short sessions on how to understand their stress responses, during one of the most testing and challenging times during most employees’ lifetimes. 

We’re also looking forward to a collaboration in 2021, taking Insights Discovery another step further; into the realm of 360-degree feedback and how team members view each other’s colour energies – a really exciting project.

It’s been a pleasure to partner with PRMA for the last 12 months and we look forward to taking the relationship even further.

Managing Partner Jayne Sykes said:

"With ‘covid’ hindsight the work we did with Blue Gnu was especially important in strengthening our team members understanding of themselves, enabling them to figure out how they best operate, given the recent changes and challenges. Continuing this work is incredibly important both for the wellbeing of employees as well as the functioning of the teams and our future business success Blue Gnu’s work in strengthening behaviours around the PRMA values has been fundamental in how we now operate as a team."



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