Insights Discovery

How self aware is your team?

"Sticks in a bundle are unbreakable"

A self aware team will help drive your organisation to bigger and better things!

I have been qualified to run Insights Discovery events since 2003 and I love nothing more than working with teams and their leaders to help them understand 'Why?' - why is it that with some team members we have an AMAZING connection, and yet with others we are always trying harder and using more energy. 

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Leadership Development

Are you winging it?

If we're honest most leaders are hiding their uncertainty!

 If we’re being honest, most leaders are winging it more often than they might feel comfortable admitting. We’re taught to hide uncertainty and pretend to know things in order to appear confident and in control. Maybe it’s time to push past that discomfort and truly embrace uncertainty—be okay with the fact that as leaders we don’t know everything.  The good news is, I can help your leaders learn some tried and tested skills, behaviours and leadership PROCESS which will help them feel more in control and confident when it comes to leading their teams. 


Who is looking after you?

Self Awareness

It all starts with self.  Every learning journey begins with a good hard look at who we are.  As well as asking you some supportive and challenging questions, I am able to use several tools to help you get to know yourself and your people better.  I use my insights and skills to transform you with personal coaching, your people, and in turn, your company. I'm proud to help shape and improve how my clients lead and develop their businesses through individual coaching.

Blue Gnu Reviews

What do people say?


"If you need a facilitator (for any event), Elaine is your woman! With a wealth of experience and knowledge, Elaine will help you reach your objective with a group of any size......with skill, know-how and a good dose of humour."

Nick Saunders, The Family Man

"I recently had the pleasure of attending a two-day presentation skills workshop led by Elaine and felt compelled to write a recommendation. Elaine is personable, a great presenter and puts you immediately at ease while constantly maintaining a focus on the outcomes of the session. Adaptable to people's individual nuances and characters, she really gets the best out of people using her breadth of coaching and insights experience. A mix of active coaching, practicals, power language, body language and presentation planning - this course was all-encompassing and highly informative. I left the workshop with a much keener awareness of how to present myself when speaking in front of people; in both a public speaking forum but also for executive and board-level meetings. Would highly recommend Blue Gnu Consulting and Elaine - this course was invaluable for my professional development and my confidence in public speaking."

Kirsty Angove, Nuffield Health


Guildford, Surrey, UK

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