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Blue Gnu Consulting
Terms & Conditions


"The Client" refers to the person, company or organisation making the booking.
"The Provider” refers to Blue Gnu Consulting Ltd.
“Services” refers to any training sessions, workshops, coaching sessions or consultancy work booked by The Client.


When a Booking Form is completed by The Client, a contract is deemed to exist.



a) Deposit - 50% of the total quote will be invoiced upon receipt of a signed Booking Form, the remaining outstanding amount will be invoiced upon delivery of the Services and/or materials.
b) Payment – Payment is requested within 30 days of the date of the invoice.
c) Purchase Order Number – This should be supplied in the Booking Form in advance of the Services being delivered, if you require this for invoice payment.
d) All prices quoted are subject to the addition of VAT at the current rate and are valid for 30 days from the date of the quote.


a) The Client agrees to pay the costs of all additional expenses associated with delivery of Services in addition to consultancy fees, including, but not limited to travel expenses, overnight hotel accommodation, meals and refreshments, production of any additional materials (workbooks, slides, handouts etc.), telephone costs, courier costs and import duty (where applicable) not
included in the package. 

b) Travel by car is charged at £0.45 per mile from the consultant’s home. Travel by public transport / taxi is charged at cost.
c) Travel by train is at standard class rates for journeys up to three hours. Journeys exceeding three hours will be in first class.
d) With regards to travel by air, travel within a continent will be in economy class only. International flights lasting seven hours or more will be in business class.


Any cancellation or postponement of Services must be confirmed in writing. If any agreed dates of Services are cancelled with less than 30 day’s notice, 100% of the fees are payable. Prior to this, dates agreed for Services can be postponed or cancelled without charge.


Where a consultant from The Provider is unable to deliver Services at the scheduled date through illness or accident, The Provider will endeavour to provide a replacement. If this is not possible, dates for delivery of Services will be rescheduled and no cancellation or postponement fees will be invoiced.


Once a finite number of delegates has been agreed by The Provider and The Client, any alterations to this number must be notified to The Provider immediately. If there is an increase in numbers, The Provider reserves the right to increase fees accordingly.


The Services are not to be recorded in any way without prior knowledge of The Provider, and material supplied as part of the Services is not to be duplicated in whole or in part.

7. COURSE VENUES, where applicable

The cost of any damage caused by The Client at an external venue is to be met by The Client. The Client will always conduct themselves in an orderly fashion, ensure that no nuisance is caused, comply with any reasonable request from the venue and abide by all applicable rules and regulations they may have.


If The Client is to hold the Services on their premises, The Provider must deem the site suitable for the requirements of the Services. Any equipment or provisions to be provided by The Client will be agreed at the time of booking.


a) The preferred platform for on-line delivery of ‘virtual’ workshops is Zoom, due to it’s breakout room facilities. If another platform is preferred by The Client, we will work together to ensure that the content of the Services can be transferred to your preferred platform, or to ensure that everyone has suitable access to the Zoom platform ahead of the provision of Services.
b) The Provider reserves the right to alter venues and to change trainers. 

c) As Services are continually appraised if The Provider feels that adjustments to the syllabus will enhance quality, they maintain the right to make changes accordingly.



The Client agrees that all models, approaches, course materials and intellectual property used in the provision of the Services remain the property of The Provider.


The Provider agrees to keep confidential all information gained and documents about the Client’s people and business, and never to disclose this to third parties.


If The Provider is prevented or hindered from carrying out its obligations hereunder by circumstances beyond its reasonable control, then The Provider’s liability to The Client shall be no greater than the amount paid by The Client to The Provider in respect of the Course.


The Client may terminate the Contract by giving thirty (30) calendar days’ notice in writing. 100% of fees are chargeable for all Services scheduled during this period, even in the event of these Services not taking place.

The Provider may terminate the Contract by giving thirty (30) calendar days’ notice in writing. The Provider agrees to fulfil all scheduled commitments during this period and charge appropriately.


Unless agreed explicitly in advance, Blue Gnu Consulting reserve the right to outline examples of the work they have provided for any given Client in the form of case studies, blogs or equivalent on the Blue Gnu Consulting website, in Blue Gnu Consulting promotional materials and/or on  Blue Gnu Consulting social media channels (LinkedIn and Facebook). In these instances, Blue Gnu Consulting reserves the right to name the Client and use images of the Client’s website and / or logo, giving a fair and accurate representation of any work carried out. If this is likely to provide an obstacle, the Client should approach Blue Gnu Consulting before entering into any agreement for Services.

Date of update: 29th January 2024

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