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Motivational Maps - Getting the most out of your team

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Your happiness and success at work is partly determined by whether or not your core 'motivations' are being met. These Motivations are not a conscious decision, they usually emerge from your self-concept, beliefs, expectations and personality.  They are perhaps - your daily Motive to take Action!


As with our purpose in life, we do not 'invent' motivations; instead, we detect them. Within the Motivational Maps model, there are nine Motivators. We help you to explore what your motivators are, why they are important and crucially - how satisfied you currently feel in line with your highest (and lowest) order motivators. 


Your ability to function effectively in a team is influenced by a number of factors; but one of the most important, often completely overlooked, is the motivation of the individuals who make up the team. Just as important as this, is the motivation of the individual compared with the overall team Motivation profile. This is where we help you to work as a team to understand and explore your profile so that all motivators may be satisfied and action plans created to assist the team in the collaborative meeting of it's collective motivators!  

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Motivational Maps Logo.png

Our purpose is to Make a Difference, not only to companies in the development of their people, but for the individuals we are privileged to meet along the way.  We want people to enjoy their work and ultimately make the world of work a better and more enjoyable place to be! We want our client companies to feel good about the investments they are making in their staff and to help them become more successful.

Working with Blue Gnu, you get:

  • A team of experts who are generous in sharing their skills and knowledge

  • Competitive pricing

  • Great quality materials

  • Expert and enthusiastic delivery of solutions

  • Trusted partners

  • An extension of your internal team

  • Dedication to your success


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