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Management & Leadership Development Programmes

We are one of just a few leadership training providers that are ILM approved

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Most leaders and managers get there by being experts in their field. This means once they are promoted into management positions you lose a great team member and often gain an ‘average’ (or slightly below par) manager.  This can have a huge detrimental effect on team performance and the leader’s self-esteem. 

The good news is leadership can be learned! You don’t have to be a charismatic heroine to be a great leader.

We can help your managers learn a process that actually works; lean into their own leadership mindset and adopt the management skills that they’ll really need to harness during their time leading others. 

Do you remember when you had an exceptional manager who really brought out the best in you? Remember how hard you worked for that manager and how you went the extra mile whilst working with them?


We want to give everyone the gift of a great manager/leader. 


We use a simple and easy to follow modular approach in the majority of our programmes. Our management programmes usually contain between 8-20 modules – depending on whether they are held face to face (fewer modules, longer days) or virtually (shorter modules, more of them).  We will work with you to understand what the needs of your specific leadership levels are (supervisors, junior managers, experienced managers or higher level executive teams) and how to address them through a programme that we would co-create. 

We might want to look at some traditional workshops, some ‘skills pills’, leadership labs or action learning sets to get your people where they need to be.




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We are delighted to be an accredited training provider with the Institute of Leadership. Simply put, this means your management programme comes with a professional endorsement and enables your learners to gain academic recognition of their development.


The three main benefits to ILM Approval are:

  • Managers who successfully complete the programme will receive an official ILM certificate (this is based on tutor assessment, no need to take part in exams or complete written assignments)

  • Depending on the level the programme is approved at, learners will be able to use subnominal letters after successful completion

  • The Digital Learning Hub (self guided e-learning) supports learners both during and after the programme - with 49 leadership essentials online workshops to support the learning, or expand into different areas should the learners have the desire to continue their learning journey beyond the completion of the internal programme.


Please see the attached flyer from the ILM with all the benefits your learners will receive through attending an approved programme.



Our focus is very much on the three cornerstones of leadership:

Your Leadership Mindset

The Process for Leadership

Adopting Leadership Skills that work

We’ll incorporate all three of these elements into your Management or Leadership programme.


We asked a recent management development client to tell us what it’s ACTUALLY like with the Blue Gnu team.  Here’s what Paul Chorley, Learning and Development Manager for Discovery UK had to say:

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Elaine recently led our management team through insights discovery workshops - they were so impactful! She gave us a simple framework to understand each other's personalities and adapt our leadership styles. No more bumping heads due to different work styles. We know how to communicate and motivate in a way that fits each person. Avoid drama by staying "above the line" when issues come up.

Enrico Brosio, MarketOne International

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