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Get Accredited with Insights Discovery

Did you know you can work with Blue Gnu to gain your Insights Discovery Accreditation?



When your people become Insights Discovery Practitioners, you create an in-house network of learning and development experts with the power of Insights Discovery at their fingertips. Saving time and money for your organisation, your people get the added benefit of development workshops delivered by colleagues whom they know and trust, and who know your business challenges inside out.

Having an Insights Discovery Practitioner within your organisation ensures the learning is long-lasting, as it can be connected with day-to-day operations and communications, and given real-world applicability from day one.

At the Insights Discovery Accreditation (IDA) itself we'll teach you everything you need to know about working with Discovery; we'll assume that you have one to two years' facilitation and/or coaching experience already.

You will also need to know a little bit about Insights Discovery, having attended a workshop or had a coaching session with your profile (if you haven’t had a profile in a while, don’t worry, we’ll get you set up with a new one!).

Some knowledge of other psychometric tools or theories is really useful too.

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Useful Links

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How much does it cost to get accredited?

Please see the attached Client Practitioner pricing document – which includes the costs of the Online Units you need in order to produce the profiles themselves. 

How long is the accreditation workshop?

Each accreditation workshop is four consecutive days long. See the factsheets for more detail about the differences in the face to face or virtual experiences.

How many spaces are available at an IDA?

A maximum of 12 spaces are filled at each IDA – we want to make sure you have a vibrant workshop experience but also ensure that there’s enough time for everyone to share their views and take an active part!

How do I attend virtually?

When you register for the virtual IDA you will receive information on how to join. We use the Zoom platform for the virtual IDA and have incorporated the flexibility of the platform’s functionality to enhance the learning in the virtual space.

How do I find out if an IDA is available in my country/language/timezone or at a venue near me?

Contact us via the form below for more information!

What are the additional time commitments?

There is a requirement of approximately one hour of pre-work to prepare for the virtual IDA learning experience along with approximately 30 minutes of homework each day. Post-IDA requirements include practice Profile conversations and an on-boarding call with us.

How much does it cost to produce Insights Discovery profiles after my accreditation?

The costs vary depending on how many Unit credits you pre-purchase (and how many profiles you ultimately want to produce). The more unit credits you buy the cheaper they become thereby creating cost savings.

Check out the pricing tiers on the Client Practitioner pricing document here.

You had me at hello! How do I get started?

Please proceed to the bottom of this page and fill out as much information as you can about why you’d like to become a Client Practitioner at your organisation.

We can’t wait to hear from you!

Organisations we support that have their own Insights Discovery Practitioners in-house  

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  • First you need to register to attend an Insights Discovery Accreditation (IDA for short) – complete the form below to submit your interest and we’ll contact you

  • Next you will need to decide if you’d rather attend a face to face or a virtual IDA – both are available (check out the fact sheets in the "useful links" below). Both are four days consecutive learning and take place on multiple timezones and in multiple languages – the world is your oyster!

  • You’ll then need to do a little bit of learning in an e-module before we get started with the IDA itself

  • We’ll need to make sure you’ve got an up to date profile (that’s on us!) and you’ll either attend a 1-1 with one of the Blue Gnu team to get your feedback or have attended a recent workshop experience yourself




By signing up to do your accreditation via Blue Gnu, you're joining our small community of Client Practitioners. Blue Gnu will support you by offering mentorship and development in relation to Insights products and you commit to purchasing all your Insights materials through us. 

You also get...

  • Access to our practitioner community

  • Competitive pricing

  • Great quality materials

  • An extension of your internal team – our support in setting you up to be as successful as you can be

  • Dedication to your success as a practitioner!



We asked Sarah Carter, People and Culture Business Partner for The Jockey Club, who recently completed her Insights Practitioner Accreditation with us WHY she chose to get accredited with Blue Gnu. Here's what she had to say:


Click here to find out more about our Practitioner Community

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Elaine and the Blue Gnu team are just wonderful. Elaine has the most incredible energy and you never have a conversation with her that doesn’t include at least one lightbulb moment. She has given me a lot as a practitioner. I always look forward to a call or a session with Elaine and I cant recommend her enough.

Cally Bannon-Smith, Sixty Eight People

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Thanks for submitting!

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