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"Sticks in a bundle are unbreakable"

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I believe that the success of any business is built on the performance of its people. 


At Blue Gnu, we help teams to perform at their highest level by improving their understanding of themselves and each other. All people can learn to adapt and connect better with others. When they do, it leads to workplaces where harmony, creativity and productivity thrive.  This environment ultimately drives greater organisational performance and increased profit. 

So how do you go about improving your team's understanding of themselves and each other?  Spending time together, whilst not working directly on work tasks and meeting objectives is a great start - but it's having a focused plan for that time and knowing the outcomes that the business wants which will drive measurable changes in behaviours.  

At Blue Gnu, we can recommend several different approaches to spending this time together.   One of the tools which we love the most, because it has great outcomes with teams time and time again; is a preference tool called Insights Discovery.  You can learn more about it by watching this short video...

















Elaine has used Insights Discovery in multiple industries and clients over the last 15 years with great results. You can read more on the Client Success Stories page.

Another way, is to organise a facilitated team day or a specific team building event.  Elaine has lead many different styles of team days and conferences, from straightforward agenda management and hosting, to more fun and inspiring activities - most recently we've created treasure hunts, learned the Haka, survived the Canadian Wilderness (in the classroom of course!) and facilitated conference agendas at beautiful venues across the country.  

If you're interested in getting your insights profile or would like to understand what it's all about, book a call with Elaine today!


What's next with Insights Discovery?


Team Days or Events

Is your team in need of a boost?  Would you like to boost morale and get everyone working at their optimum levels of capability?  A facilitated team day or 'away day' might be just the boost you are looking for.  I will facilitate your next team day, and will work alongside


Professional Facilitation

When there's an important meeting, or a big conversation to have, an external facilitator can help to make sure you reach your goals.  I regularly facilitate C-Suite level meetings to help get a better result. Not afraid to ask the tricky questions and recognise the awkward (tumbleweed) moment, I can really help your teams open up and achieve more with your meetings.

Insights Discovery and Teams

So, how do you start your journey with Insights Discovery?

It usually begins with a no-obligation conversation about what your organisation's or team's specific needs are.  I will then design a session that helps meet those needs and drive the outcomes, or the changes in behaviours, that you are looking for.  Every member in the team will complete an online 'evaluator' about two weeks before the workshop; and a personal report will then be generated for them.  Everyone receives their feedback during a fully facilitated team event.

If your team needs to be more productive, understand each other better or simply have a fun day together, Insights Discovery is the solution you are looking for!


The Next Level for Teams: Insights Deeper Discovery

If you've already begun your journey using Insights Discovery, and the team are ready to take the next step; then Deeper Discovery is a great addition to the team portfolio.  Using the principles of psychological archetypes, Deeper Discovery takes a closer look at your team member's preferences, and enables us to understand more about WHY they behave in the way that they do. 


Ask me for a demonstration profile if you'd like to know more.

Insights Discovery Full Circle (360 feedback)

Once the Insights Discovery language of colour is embedded in your organisation or team, you can take the next step and build the picture of the opinions of others in the team - gathering 360 feedback using colour energies!  It's a really powerful way to continue your journey with Insights Discovery and to fully utilise the model amongst teams.

Get in touch if you'd like to see how it works!



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