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Blue Gnu Consulting is a small Surrey-based business specialising in Team & Leadership Development (training). Elaine Gosden is the Lead Facilitator/Director.  Elaine works with companies of all shapes and sizes (see the 'Success Stories' tab for some examples of current and past clients) to help them get the best from their most important asset - their people.  Elaine works with a small team of associates who help her deliver high quality training interventions across the UK.
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I specialise in People Development, with 17 years experience of coaching, training,  and developing others to help them achieve their potential.

 You'll often find me at the front of a training room, delivering workshops for clients focusing on anything from Presentation Skills to Leadership Development programmes for managers.

If I'm not in the training room, I'm at home in my study designing the next workshop for my clients. You can check out my Youtube Channel to see what I'm all about.


Elaine Gosden

Lead Facilitator
Director & Owner


Why the name Blue Gnu?

A lot of people ask this question! So I thought I'd answer it right here on the homepage!

Blue, because in terms of my Insights Discovery colour preferences, Cool Blue Energy is much needed and Gnu (African Wildebeest) because it rhymes with Blue, simple as that! 


It also gets people talking, which my high Sunshine Yellow energy really enjoys!!

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Guildford, Surrey, UK

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