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Creating effective and engaged teams and leaders

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Engaging Leaders...Transforming Teams!

Welcome to Blue Gnu Consulting

At Blue Gnu, we work with companies who want to maximise engagement and the motivation of their people.


We support small and mighty to large and ambitious organisations with their people development activities by creating bespoke Leadership and Management Development Programmes and other learning solutions.


Our toolbox transforms leaders, inspires teams, unlocks potential and maximises both individual and team impact.


Our team has the skills, capability and credentials to support you in overcoming your businesses people problems.

The Blue Gnu Toolbox 

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Uncover the tool to understanding your team better with our Insights Discovery workshops


Learn how your people engage at work and the impact this has on team dynamics and productivity. 


Our Insights Discovery workshops get under the skin of what makes your people tick at work and how to leverage that understanding to their and your full potential.

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Develop emotionally intelligent leaders who can harness the full potential of your people


As your Institute of Leadership approved training partner, we design bespoke, practical and high-impact leadership and management programmes that will revolutionise the performance of your teams.


Our bespoke leadership development programmes are personalised and designed to fit your business like a glove, embedding a superior leadership skillset that will not only improve your reputation amongst your people, but also drive you forward towards your business goals.

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Become Insights Discovery accredited and take control of your team dynamics in-house


By becoming an accredited Insights Discovery Client Practitioner within your business, you create the ability to deliver your own Insights solutions internally. Not only will this save your business time and money, but you will have the in-house skill to educate, monitor and maintain high levels of cohesive team dynamics.

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Discover how to meet the motivational needs of your people and the impact this can make on your business

"Your happiness and success at work is partly determined by whether or not your core motivations are being met."

This workshop will help you recognise whether or not you are meeting the core motivators that drive your people. In doing so, you will be able to proactively address potential motivational issues and implement plans to support and enhance team motivation, contributing to a more effective, productive and happy workplace.

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From Good to Great!

Equip your Senior Leaders with a new perspective in leadership. Give them the environment to explore their untapped potential and innovate winning strategies to effectively engage their teams

Our 1:1 coaching provides a safe space to work through the specific challenges your leaders experience day to day within their leadership roles. Within each session, we get under the skin of what's really going on that might be causing friction, lack of progress and more. Working side by side to develop practical and implementable solutions that not only help to resolve the presenting problems, but empower your leaders with the confidence and capability to thrive in their roles.

We work with teams and individuals at all levels within an organisation, from new managers and emerging leaders to senior executives. We're always open to having a conversation with you to see if this type of support is relevant.

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You won't regret working with Blue Gnu - it will add value! If it was something that Elaine felt that she wasn't going to add value to, then she would be honest about that too. And she would add far more value to any work that she does with an organisation than would be expected. Anybody that she works with will always remember that session - it would stay with them. She’s very memorable.

Naomi Armitage, LRQA

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Our purpose is to Make a Difference, not only to companies in the development of their people, but for the individuals we are privileged to meet along the way.  We want people to enjoy their work and ultimately make the world of work a better and more enjoyable place to be! We want our client companies to feel good about the investments they are making in their staff and to help them become more successful.

Working with Blue Gnu, you get:

A team of experts who are generous in sharing their skills and knowledge

Competitive pricing

Great quality materials

Expert and enthusiastic delivery of solutions

Trusted partners

An extension of your internal team

Dedication to your success

Why Blue Gnu?

Our Values

We love collaborating with our clients to produce the best solutions. We couldn’t do this work without you!

We believe in abundance – there is enough in the world for everyone; our vision is to genuinely make a difference to people’s lives and we feel we couldn’t do that without our abundant mindset!

Bringing happiness and the element of sparkle to everything we do. If we don’t authentically feel the joy during our work, then none of our other values are accessible!

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