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Creating effective and engaged teams and leaders

"You won't regret working with Blue Gnu - it will add value! If it was something that Elaine felt that she wasn't going to add value to, then she would be honest about that too. And she would add far more value to any work that she does with an organisation than would be expected. Anybody that she works with will always remember that session - it would stay with them. She’s very memorable."

Naomi Armitage, Nuffield Health

Welcome! How can we help you?

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I’d like a team workshop

We run Insights Discovery workshops for organisations of all shapes and sizes.

Click here to find out more.

I’d like to run Insights Discovery sessions myself

You can gain accreditation and work alongside us as a Client Practitioner; delivering Insights solutions internally for your team.

I’d like to develop the managers and leaders in my organisation

We design bespoke leadership programmes to meet your needs - many of our client’s programme’s have gained Institute of Leadership and Management approval.

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Not only are we a Partner and Licensed Distributor of Insights Discovery materials, we also have oodles of experience in developing teams and leaders of all shapes and sizes globally. 

The entire Blue Gnu team is accredited with Insights Discovery
(in fact we have 90 combined years delivering Insights solutions for organisations!)

We can take your team on a journey to becoming more engaged, more effective
and ultimately drive better results for your business.

Talk to us about how we can help.

Our Values

We love collaborating with our clients to produce the best solutions. We couldn’t do this work without you!

We believe in abundance – there is enough in the world for everyone; our vision is to genuinely make a difference to people’s lives and we feel we couldn’t do that without our abundant mindset!

Bringing happiness and the element of sparkle to everything we do. If we don’t authentically feel the joy during our work, then none of our other values are accessible!

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I can't recommend Blue Gnu highly enough - we have run several insights sessions with them over the years and they are wonderful at using Insights to help teams gel together, open up and talk to each other in a way that we never would have managed on our own.

Alex Smith, The Story

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