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Clare Bryant

"I am an Italophile, having been lucky enough to live and teach in Rome for 2 years I still have a dream of owning a powder blue Vespa and a second home in the Umbrian hillside"

What specific skills do you bring to the Blue Gnu team?

Every job I have ever had has involved learning and development or teaching others.  I bring a passion for knowledge, skills and growth.  I bring my key skills in Leadership Development, Psychometrics, Coaching and Facilitation combined with my personal skills of energy, positivity and honest communication.

What is your passion and mission?
Why do you do what you do?

Quite simply - I have always loved learning and enjoy helping others to be the best they can be!

What qualifications do you bring to the Blue Gnu team?

ILM Level 5 Certificate in Coaching and Mentoring, Accredited in Insights Discovery and Team Effectiveness and Myers Briggs (MBTI),

NLP Practitioner, British Psychological Society Level A and Level B Intermediate Plus in Psychometric Testing.

What is the most interesting Blue Gnu project you've worked on?​​

I am new to the Blue Gnu tribe so I will tell you soon  . . .

Who would your dream client be and why?

I am a bit of a 'crazy dog lady' and suffered with hearing issues as a child so my dream would be to run a session for the team at Hearing Dogs for the Deaf who do great work 'to train clever dogs to help deaf people'. I have visited their HQ in the Chilterns and it such a welcoming dog-friendly environment.

What does your Insights Discovery profile say about you?

Underlying her characteristic tolerance is a natural curiosity. Clare finds the diversity of the world immensely appealing.
Clare has a sense of adventure and likes to keep her spirits and expectations high.
Clare is motivated to help other people in what she sees as real and practical ways through direct action and co-operation.

What are your top 3 motivators?

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For me, searcher means delivering work that is aligned with my value of personal growth for myself and others.

For me, friend is about building meaningful and engaging relationships and working with inspiring people.

My spirit motivator means I like the freedom to choose my own path.

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