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Elaine Gosden

"I’ve sailed the most dangerous stretch of water in the world on a 60-foot yacht – and it was as calm as a millpond!”

What specific skills do you bring to the Blue Gnu team?

From the perception of others, I’ve been told I bring drive, determination and belief to our business and to the team we have at Blue Gnu.  My team feel that they can be their best selves because I believe in them, and I firmly believe in the difference our work can make to the lives of our clients, colleagues and friends.

From my own perception, I think I bring great connectivity to our business. I connect the right people to the right solutions and I don’t take on work or projects where I don’t firmly believe that we can make a difference.  I’m strongly led by my values and I think this shows in everything that I do.

I’m also a highly skilled facilitator – and as much as I love leading the business, I also adore getting in the room with clients and delivering in the ‘real world’. I think my unique skills are in asking the difficult questions that need to be asked of teams and organisations whilst creating psychologically safe environments for those teams to have authentic and safe conversations whilst answering them. Enabling growth is my superpower!

What is your passion and mission?
Why do you do what you do?

I’ve mentioned I’m led by my values – I think I’m like this because I have a firm belief that life is too short – partly because of my lived experience.  My first fiancé died shortly before our wedding when I was in my early twenties – and although his death doesn’t define me, it reminds me every day to make the most of what you have and to make as much difference to others as you can - you never know when it’s your time to go.  The story has a happy ending and his legacy lives on in my life and work!

What qualifications do you bring to the Blue Gnu team?



Insights Discovery, MBTI Step 1 & 2, Facet 5, Liberating Leadership and Motivational Maps accredited.  Full Member of the Institute of Leadership and Management. 

What is the most interesting Blue Gnu project you've worked on?​​

They’re all interesting!  But the one I love the most (who will remain nameless!) is the Marketing Agency who trust Blue Gnu to be their outsourced L&D department.  We’ve worked with them for many years delivering a wide variety of solutions, all with the aim to retain their talent and grow their business. There’s nothing better in my opinion!

Who would your dream client be and why?

I’d love to work with the Mercedes AMG Formula 1 Team. I’ve been an F1 fan since I was twelve and it remains my life ambition to follow the F1 circus around the world one year and attend every race (I think I’ll need to win the lottery first!).  So, to work with my favourite team enhancing their performance or maybe coaching Toto Wolff who I admire greatly would be a life’s honour!

What does your Insights Discovery profile say about you?

Elaine resists being labelled by others and is engaged in a never-ending search for self-knowledge and self-identity.

Seen by others as spontaneous and charming, Elaine is persuasive, loves surprises and enjoys finding unique ways of bringing delight and unexpected pleasure to others.

Life is an exciting drama waiting to unfold for Elaine.

What are your top 3 motivators?

Untitled design - 2023-04-26T151312.988.png


For me, searcher means making a positive difference to everyone I meet both at work and at home

Untitled design - 2023-05-10T152638.737.png


For me, friend is having meaningful relationships and belonging to something bigger

Untitled design - 2023-04-26T151409.810.png


My spirt motivator enables me to be entrepreneurial, lead my own organisation and create my own freedom from bureaucracy

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