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Sam Elly

"I once appeared on stage with Bon Jovi!"

What specific skills do you bring to the Blue Gnu team?

I add a spark of energy and fun! I am an unashamed generalist as I love so many areas of our work, I find it hard to turn down opportunities and interesting work!

Who is Sam?

Firstly, let me explain why I have appeared on stage with Bon Jovi. I unknowingly entered a competition to be on the side of the stage at one of their gigs in Milton Keynes which I won (wahoo!). However, it was fairly short-lived when my pal and I got over excited air guitaring and were asked by security to leave the stage as we were becoming a distraction for the band. The sensible Sam loves his family, sport, music, the outdoors. Oh, and a good knees up!

What is your passion and mission?
Why do you do what you do?

... incoming!

What qualifications do you bring to the Blue Gnu team?

... incoming!

What is the most interesting Blue Gnu project you've worked on?​​



... incoming!

Who would your dream client be and why?

Glastonbury Festival!


What does your Insights Discovery profile say about you?

Sam welcomes support, encouragement and social interaction, especially during stressful encounters when he may need to consciously divert his energy to more practical tasks to show positive results.

Seen by others as spontaneous and charming, Sam is persuasive, loves surprises and enjoys finding unique ways of bringing delight and unexpected pleasure to others.

Sam is outgoing and makes things more fun for others by his pure and unreserved enjoyment of the moment.

What are your top 3 motivators?

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