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  • Elaine Gosden

Make meetings matter

In this blog, we share our tips on 'making meetings matter' and how the Insights Discovery colour energies come into play. 

Step One: How do you prepare for meetings?

When preparing for your next meeting, have a think about how you can 'make the meeting matter' by covering all your bases and meeting the needs of all the colour energies! 

🔵Cool Blue: Send the agenda in advance Determine the required delivery method (phone, online F2F) Send documents for review in plenty of time to allow preparation (not five minutes before!). 

🟢Earth Green: Gather input on agenda items based on what the group needs Rotate meeting facilitators, timekeepers and scribes fairly Make space in the agenda for any relevant team or personal items. 

🔴Fiery Red: Include a short agenda with the desired outcomes in the meeting request Send out any pre-work in advance, to save time during the meeting Make space to discuss business plans, strategy, vision and actions in progress. 

🟡Sunshine Yellow; Build some flexibility into the agenda for conversations that may come up Have face to face meetings where possible Allow time for team-based and engaging activities.


Step Two: Consider the preferences of those attending the meeting

When facilitating a meeting, how often do you consider the preferences of the attending meeting participants? Do you adapt your facilitation style to meet all the needs in the room? The following tips will help you continue to meet the needs of all the Insights Discovery colour energies! 

🔵Cool Blue: Start on time Review the agenda and objectives for the meeting at the start Assign a timekeeper and scribe (if needed) Check all items have been covered adequately before moving on. 

🟢Earth Green: Flex your style by dialing up or dialling down your own lead energies to meet the needs of those in the room Agree the meeting ground rules and refer to them often Give reflection time throughout the session. 

🔴Fiery Red: Stay on task and stick to allocated times (especially end time!) Make any relevant changes to the agenda throughout the session and let the group know you are doing so Drive conversations to tangible (owned!) actions where possible. 

🟡 Sunshine Yellow: Allow time for connecting with one another and socialising Share success stories and lessons learned Engage your meeting participants where possible through questions and discussion.


Step Three: The all important follow-up process

Are you someone that is hot on following up after a meeting, or are you more along the lines of 'once it's done, it's done'?.

🔵Cool Blue: Send out meeting minutes and action items, including relevant information. Attach any background files for decision makers Include next meeting date, time and location. 

🟢Earth Green: Include context (discussion and considerations) in meeting minutes where possible Invite post-meeting reflections or suggestion for improvement. 

🔴Fiery Red: Distribute clear, concise meeting minutes in agreed time-frame Quickly follow up on actions Note any agenda items to be added to next meeting. 

🟡Sunshine Yellow: Where follow-on input is required, invite people personally If possible, check-in with team members personally Create follow-up dialogue opportunities where appropriate.


Have you spotted anything from the above that you're currently not doing? or on the other hand, that you are already doing?

Keep these tips in mind when preparing for your next meeting .. we'd love to know if anything lands differently with the team!


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